Faculty & Staff




The faculty is nationally recognized, professional, and dedicated.


If you think they don't make them like they used to, you haven't met our teachers. The Dorris-Eaton School faculty is comprised of professional educators teaching in their areas of expertise. Each member of the faculty has a minimum of a bachelor's degree; several have master's degrees; some come from a background of international experience and education. Turnover is rare, so the Dorris-Eaton team has the benefit of mutual respect and a working rhythm that only continuity and stability afford.

Dorris-Eaton teachers are enthusiasts of learning and adept at inspiring students to share their excitement. They are easily accessible to students throughout the day, and many offer before-and-after-school preparation for outside academic competitions or time slots for reviewing, casual counsel, or just plain conversation.

Our teachers really teach. We know that a teacher is a formative, even decisive, element in a child's education. Ours are the best. And, they maintain clear and timely communication with parents. In simple terms, the teachers and the school community share a commitment to launch educated, well-rounded, and happy students.
Come see them at work.

The difference is education.

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